What idreate is NOT… and you shouldn’t choose us if…

1. You want a magical pill or some faddish formula to increase your revenue.

We don’t promise get rich quick schemes or over inflated promises just to get your money. While we believe in magic, we also believe in smart planning, and simple effective implementation action plans to obtain results.

We will partner with you to identify your challenges, objectives and review your business model – and then help you idreate, conceptualise solutions and plans that will help you unlock your business’ growth potential and achieve those objectives.

You no longer have to feel alone, but be confident that you have a partner and ally who has your best interest at heart.

2. You want online-only funnels or tactics, or quick fix automation tricks to dramatically launch or grow your business.

We believe in the power of technology, and using it to help grow your business.

idreate is NOT an online-only guru – we specialise in practical marketing strategies and tactics to solve business challenges, and to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch their new business.

Our strategic marketing and idea generation tools and programmes are rooted in real world insights (based on customer behavior and trends) and strategies that can be used online as well as in brick and mortar businesses.

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About Jody Daniels

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Jody Daniels

I’ve always been an out of box thinker, free spirit and a pave-my-own-way kind of guy. With a diverse set of interests: creativity (creative strategy), writing, spirituality, kenjutsu, photography, hiking and entrepreneurship. I enjoy being stimulated and not being confined to the conventional boxes society compels us to adopt.

Yet, I’ve always had a passion for working with people and helping to solve their challenges where possible.

After school I decided to study Marketing, not law as originally planned – as I was attracted to the tools that I would learn in the Marketing field, and how those tools can be used to satisfy customer needs.

I worked two part time jobs to put myself through university; and after four years I graduated with my degree and was ready to take on the world.

14 years later and having worked in various industries, on some of the biggest brands in the world as Marketing and Brand Manager on Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Strongbow to name but a few – as well as lecturing Marketing, Economics, Advertising, Management Practice and Operations Management at some of the biggest colleges in South Africa – I decided it was time I followed my heart, and use my skills and passion to impact the world in a different way.

After several years of making hundreds of millions of dollars for big brands and corporates – cultivating a powerful skillset combination of practical insight driven strategy, effective implementation and understanding how to lead diverse teams to achieve great results; I wanted to use those same skills to help entrepreneurs and organisations grow and achieve their objectives.

I’ve always had a passion brewing deep down inside of me to make the world a better place; helping others achieve their goals and dreams is one way that helps me realise my mission.

I also always had the desire to create something of my own, that would empower people and organisations to solve problems. I therefore coined the term (being a naturally creative and idealistic soul) and founded “idreate” in alignment with that mission.

Not only did I want to work on various projects and ideas that would help make the world a better place, but also achieve this by helping others to do the same.

My mission is to empower and enable entrepreneurs to create sustainable and fulfilling organisations that will delight their customers and solve real world challenges.

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And so, idreate was born.

We don’t claim to be gurus nor to be perfect, but we are always learning, growing and improving. And we’ll pass on our learnings and experiences to keep you inspired and empowered too.

I am selective in the clients I choose to work with, as I believe time is valuable and it’s the only currency that can never be replaced.

So I will only work with clients who are serious about putting in the work, applying our advice, and who are open to being challenged and using their business to positively impact the world (whether globally or in your own local community).

The rewards for developing conscious and social entrepreneurs are not just financial, but can have a broader lasting positive impact as well.

I look forward to partnering and collaborating with you on this exciting journey.

Jody Daniels

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